Australian Mathematics Competition

Congratulations to Grade 7 Lucy FU! She stood out from a big group of top mathematics learners who come from different parts of the world and won the second prize (Distinction) of 2020 Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC). We would also like to congratulate Grade 7 Colton LAU and Grade 8 Derek WANG on winning the third prizes (Credit) in different groups respectively. 14 students have also received Proficiency awards.

AMC, currently one of the largest mathematics competitions in the world, was organized by the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT). There are more than 15 million students from over 30 countries around the globe participating in it this year. It is our very first time to send TKHC students to take part in it and we are glad to see they obtained good results.


7CD Lucy FU


7BY Colton LAU and 8CL Derek WANG


7CD Larris YIU, 7CD Brandon Cho, 8CL Isaac LIANG, 8CL Ginny YIP, 7CD Jacky CHAN,

7CD Iona LAU, 8CL Mark CHAN, 8CL Harry FAN, 7MS Natalie CHAN, 7BY Jonathan WONG,

8CL Andre NG, 8CL Evan CHEN, 7CD Aimee LAU, 7MS Jacky LIANG