Our Team

Sport at TKHC inspires the extraordinary. Our aim is to enable our students, staff and our community to enjoy sports and be active, whatever their level of fitness or ability, and provide opportunities for everyone to achieve the key objectives of improving performance, participation, contribution, self-commitment and community partnership.

We organise and train all the sports teams which include boy’s and girl’s athletics and ball games. Throughout a students’ sports life in TKHC, students build teamwork, grow to become leaders, and become stronger, not only physically, but also mentally because of the whole-person development through sporting activities. Sport is obviously important to everyone. We provide plentiful opportunities for our students to try new things, to discover their talents, to make a difference to those around them, to become fit and healthy, and strive to become the best in the community.

• To be a significant contributor to students’ all-round development in the specific areas of physical, mental and spiritual wellness

• To facilitate our students’ personal development and to become self-actualizing individuals
• To establish sports development and encourage students to be actively involved in sports activities for their physical health and improve competition performance
• To help students make informed and intelligent academic decisions/choices about their studies that suit their intellectual, professional and personal goals