Scholarships and Awards

  • TKHC offers admission scholarships to new students in recognition of their outstanding academic or non-academic (Art / Drama / Leadership / Music / Service / Sport) performance. Students may apply for it with their best-performed area while applying for entry.
  • The value of each admission scholarship covers a certain percentage of the tuition fee of a student in an academic year. The scholarship will be awarded to students by deducting their monthly tuition fee.
  • Awardees must demonstrate that they, at all times, act in a manner consistent with the expectations identified by TKHC at a standard significantly above their peers throughout the whole academic year. If awardees should leave TKHC before the scholarship period is complete, a full refund of the scholarship offered will be required.
  • Applications will be processed only if the following documents are submitted online along with the admission application on or before the deadline, i.e. 15th July 2024 (Monday).

    – Completed   Application Form

    – Last 2 Academic Reports (if applicable)

    – Reference Letter from Current Teacher / Coach

    – Certificates and Other Proof of Such Distinctions

  • Applications will be assessed by our Scholarship Selection Committee. Applicants may be invited to attend an interview and his / her performance forms part of the application procedure that will be considered together with the scholarship assessment.
  • Applicants will be notified of the results individually via email.
  • The number and types of scholarship awarded will be at TKHC’s discretion.