Chinese Languages and Literature


In TKHC, our Chinese programme reflects the school’s mission, vision and core values. The Chinese program serves the language learning needs of students from diverse cultural and language backgrounds. It includes two main pathways: Chinese Language and Literature and Chinese Language Acquisition.

In the Chinese department, we strive to provide a linguistic and culturally rich environment to educate and inspire all students to become effective communicators and global citizens in the context of the 21st century. Therefore, we support students’ language development through a holistic and student-centred approach. We also provide individualised learning opportunities to accommodate the diverse learning needs of students.

Foundation Year Programme (G7-G8)

Chinese Language and Literature

The G7-G8 Foundation Years Programme in Chinese Language and Literature is designed to enable students to be skilled in the reading and writing of Chinese, and knowledgeable in the  classics of Chinese literature and poetry. During this stage, students are encouraged to read widely, including classical texts, both for their own enjoyment and to further their awareness of the ways in which Chinese can be used. Moreover, students are also expected to develop the ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively when writing. The combination of knowledge and skills in Chinese Language and Literature Programme will provide students with a solid foundation for further study.

In Grade 7, students learn about narrative technique, lyrical artistry and classical Chinese. And students learn how to use a wide range of vocabulary and correct grammar, character formation and punctuation. In Grade 8, students learn about prose and  classics in literature and poetry. And they grasp how to identify and interpret explicit and implicit information and attitude in an article.

Chinese Language Acquisition

The G7-G8 Foundation Years Programme in Chinese Language Acquisition is designed for non-native Chinese speakers and students from non-Chinese speaking backgrounds. We make it our priority to promote language learning not just for its own sake but also for the benefit of the transferable skills acquired. We strongly encourage our students to become independent, ambitious and reflective learners who are supportive of one another. The acquiring of languages is important for daily communication, intercultural understanding, the overall language development of students, and cognitive development in general.

In the Chinese programme, students engage in Chinese culture activities. They learn artcraft, painting, and calligraphy in the context of Chinese artistic skills and traditions, and music and dance in reference to Chinese performance arts. They also learn Kung Fu based on Chinese conceptions of health and wellbeing.

IGCSE Program (G9-G10)

Cambridge IGCSE First Language (0509) Chinese is designed for learners whose mother tongue is Chinese. The combination of knowledge and skills in Cambridge IGCSE First Language Chinese gives learners a solid foundation for further study. Through their studies, learners are encouraged to become appreciative and critical readers and writers of Chinese.

The aims are to enable students to read a wide range of texts, fluently and with good understanding, enjoying and appreciating a variety of languages, as well as writing accurately and effectively using appropriate standard language. Moreover, this program also aims to develop understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and classical texts.

Cambridge IGCSE Mandarin Chinese (0547) is designed for learners who are willing to develop practical communication skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Through their studies, learners will develop the ability to use Chinese effectively for the purpose of practical communication.

The aim is to enable learners to become independent users of Chinese and to use Chinese to communicate effectively in a variety of practical contexts.