PREP: Preparation For Success

Plan, Revise, Evaluate, Prepare

It is paramount that students develop strong study habits and effective routines while at school. With a multitude of distractions in a complex world, we have special PREP periods to help students at TKHC manage their homework and develop good study habits.

PREP is non-lesson contact time within the school timetable that provides students with the time and space to complete their homework and the opportunity to seek help from teachers when required. Students have PREP sessions twice a week on Tuesday and Wednesday before homework is submitted every Thursday. These timetabled sessions are supervised by their homeroom teachers who help monitor and coach students on how to work independently, and how to plan, revise, evaluate and prepare effectively.

During PREP sessions, homeroom teachers monitor how well individual students are practising and utilising approaches to learning (ATLs) in their day-to-day learning.

At appropriate times, PREP time is also used:

● to consolidate specific academic expectations and skills (e.g. academic honesty, citation, etc).
● by teachers to offer additional support to individual students
● for CAS/EE meetings in Upper School

The ultimate goal is to help students develop strong lifelong study habits and effective study skills that will help them in their school years and beyond. Homeroom teachers can observe students’ approaches to learning (ATLs) in an environment outside regular lessons, and help flag concerns early with the academic team for early intervention where required.