Student Support Hub

TKHC cares about the students’ whole-person development. Other than the SEL lesson that takes place in the classroom on a weekly basis, TKHC also setup Student Support Hub that focuses on Social-Emotional Support and Self-Management Support in Learning.

Social-Emotional Support

The focus of our social-emotional support is all about the positive development of our students’ mental health. We support our students with several strategies as seen below:

  1. A school social worker is specially assigned to coordinate all the logistics from identification to cooperation with the stakeholders to formulate an individualised approach to cater for the students’ whole personal growth.
  2. TKHC provides individual counselling service. The counselling sessions could be either ad-hoc or an on-going planned support.
  3. Group social training after school is also a useful approach for social support and development.
  4. Voluntary services after school hours are provided under the guidance and training from the social worker to empower students’ social-emotional and leadership development.

Self-Management Support In Learning

The objective of the support is to equip at the best level to allow our students to grasp the necessary learning skills in the classroom. We have an assigned personnel, SENCO, to coordinate the entire logistics from identification to working closely with all the stakeholders to support the students’ individual needs. Below here are the strategies that will be deployed:

  1. Formulating Individual Education Plan with achievable goals for short term and long term development.
  2. The SENCO will formulate and perform walk-in strategies for the teaching and learning support and professional development for the staff.
  3. Pull out training on self-management skills in learning will be evaluated and launched on an individual basis.
  4. Working closely with the management in formulating assessment policy that caters to students with individual needs.