The Physical Education (P.E.) programme at TKHC aims to develop transferable skills and build the foundations for life-long healthy habits and lifestyle. Students explore a variety of concepts that promote physical development and health perspectives, encouraging them to make positive decisions and develop healthy social interaction through sports and physical activities.

The G7-G8 Foundation Years Programme in P.E. is designed to foster the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes which contribute to a students’ physical health, mental health and social well-being. During this stage, we focus on both learning about and learning through physical activity where students are given the opportunity to develop their confidence and competence in facing challenges as individuals and in teams. In Grade 7, students learn the knowledge of doing exercise individually and in a team, while Grade 8 students learn about a healthy lifestyle through their own planning and reflecting on their own progress.

G9- G10 students can choose to study PE for their IGCSE years. The course involves significant theoretical components, which are taught in the classroom to acknowledge through practical involvement. The theory is as important as practical, 50 % of the IGCSE result is based on written exams while another 50% is on practical sports. This course suits students if they would love to develop a deeper understanding in sports and health. It is also a great fundations for IBDP Sport, Exercise and Health Science course in coming years.

In senior year, students can also select PE related subject “ Sport, Exercise and Health Science (SEHS) ” as their IBDP subject and study in G11-G12. This course combines scientific  knowledge with sports, health and exercise, with various practical settings. IBDP SEHS will benefit students when they want to study further or are interested in work in health and sports related fields.

In PE lessons, students participate in varied physical activities including track and field, racket games and ball games. We strive to discover and develop the best in every person. Students enjoy and engage in individual sports where their confidence and all-round skills are developed, while team sports give students the opportunity to learn how to appreciate others and build effective collaboration and communication skills.

In the P.E. department, we see the importance of Physical Education as empowering students to appreciate the value of being physically active and developing the motivation for making healthy life choices. At TKHC, students experience and enjoy a full and balanced curriculum.