Elite Team Programme

Dear Parents and Students,

Actively participating in sports could improve not only our physical conditions but also strength of mind and contributions to society.
St. Hilary’s Education Group of Schools is a fully established through-train schooling system, and the basis of the St Hilary’s Community. To strengthen the togetherness in the community, we would like to announce the launch of “Phoenix Club” exclusive to all St. Hilary’s Schools members. Here are the objectives of the one and only “Phoenix Club”:

1. Providing a sports environment and opportunities in which students, teachers, and parents can integrate sport with health education and cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

2. Promoting the sports culture within St Hilary’s Community.

3. Offering a platform for all St Hilary’s Community members to communicate with each other. Members can share sports knowledge and experiences.

4. Developing St. Hilary’s Elite Sports Programme in which members will join inter-school competitions, overseas training, and competitions.

5. Maximizing the potential of youth athletes by providing sports resources, such as professional coaches and sports facilities. This way, students’ fullest potential can be achieved. St. Hilary’s Elite Team aims to be a role model for the community.

6. Relaying the ideal of the indomitable Sportsman Spirit, embracing all challenges from St. Hilary’s Elite Team to every student.

Last but not least, we look forward to the active participation and support of parents in the work of Phoenix Club. Let us build a solid mindset towards sports and build a connected St Hilary’s Community.

Stay healthy!

Yours Faithfully,
Ho Kwan Lung Ivan
Sports Director of St Hilary’s School