The G7-G8 Foundation Years Programme in TKHC is based on the ‘Exploring Science’ programme of study from the UK. Our science programme comprises Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The study of science aims to provide students with both a body of knowledge and an understanding of the scientific approach to problem-solving. The ability to formulate hypotheses, design and carry out experiments to test them, and evaluate results constitutes the framework within which specific content is presented.

The International GCSE Programme is designed to drive innovation and  comprehensive support for senior secondary students to acquire the knowledge and skills they need for progression in higher education such as International AL or IBDP, work and life. We offer separate science qualifications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as well as Double Award and Single Award Science qualifications – these have been designed to meet different students’ needs.

Broad and deep development of students’ skills

The design of the revised international GCSE aims to extend learners’ knowledge and understanding by broadening and deepening skills, for example learners develop the ability to:

• focus on practical skills through a number of practicals listed in the specification content. The skills developed will be assessed through questions in written examinations

• improve students’ analytical and logical thinking skills by applying understanding of scientific concepts and principles to a range of situations. This will include some examination questions that are more problem solving in style

• address the need for mathematical skills to complement their Physics,Chemistry and Biology skills by covering a range of mathematical areas.

• relate the classroom content and laboratory skills to the realities of life as they develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills

Science courses promote an awareness of the increasingly international context of scientific activity — its impact as well as limitations — and the constant evolution of scientific knowledge and understanding. Our programme promotes a wide range of activities such as experiments, research findings, and online interactive activities that offer all individuals opportunities to reach their full potential and communicate their ideas articulately. We also encourage students to be self-reflective and to take responsibility for their learning.

The assessment details are as follows: