House System

The House System aims to foster a team and community spirit in TKHC. All students are assigned to a house upon enrollment in the school. The house provides students with a secure base which promotes a sense of belonging, effort and pride, responsibility, and respect through their contributions to the house in various inter-house activities. 

There are 4 houses:

Each house has its own House Captain who is responsible for coordinating and organizing the house activities as well as building house spirit and unity. It is also a good opportunity for house captains to become excellent leaders. 

We encourage students to play an active role to contribute to their houses. House points can be achieved by Individual and Team efforts throughout the year in fun and friendly competitions, for example house poster design, music and drama competitions, team building games, sports, and many more. 

At the end of the school year, the house with the highest number of points will be announced as the House Champion. 

TKHC House Champion List