Leadership For Tomorrow

TKHC’s Leadership For Tomorrow programme consists of four distinctive features, namely TKHC Student Leadership, Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC), International Duke of Edinburgh (AYP), and last but not least, the Leadership Exchange Programme in partnership with International Leadership Texas.

TKHC Student Leadership (TSL) emphasises authenticity in serving the community with a positive impact. Students who are part of the TSL, whether as prefects, house captains, class monitors, event organisers or TKHC representatives in all forms of competitions, should abide by the TSL’s expectations. Those with excellent track records in any form of service, academic and non-academic achievement will be recognised through the TKHC award scheme.

Another programme is the AYP. This is open to Grade 9 students and above to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. The scheme includes volunteering/service, physical and skill elements which are completed through the regular school TOLE or POLE programmes or suitable external activities. The final element is an exploration in which student leaders plan and execute an independent overnight expedition in a small group. The Award is renowned for building excellent leadership, community service, life skills, physical stamina, team player spirit, self-management skills, resilience, safety, organisation and promoting relationship with nature.

The Leadership Exchange programme is a joint cultural-exchange programme with our sister schools in English-speaking countries. Students from sister schools may collaborate with TKHC student leaders in joint programmes to expand their international experience and to develop their leadership skills. TKHC students are encouraged to take advantage of the programme by forming international networks.

The EOTC is the specially designed programme that focuses on whole-person development. See below for details of EOTC.

Education outside the classroom (EOTC)

Outdoor Education complements and enriches the in-school programme, and all students are required to participate fully in the EOTC programme designed at their year level. The benefits of the outdoor activities are in line with school values namely Excellence, Leadership, and Service. Students can make good use of this opportunity to harness their potential to be excellent in their learning interests. Students are able to explore their leadership skills under guidance and coaching. Students will take pride in servicing the community and build a sense of belonging with their team members.

Our EOTC programme is structured so that these outdoor experiences get progressively more demanding as the students move up through the College, and as such, the outdoor camp in particular is designed to build student confidence and resilience. The activities on this camp are of a nature where an external provider is required for their expertise, experience, and equipment to extend and challenge our students, in order to offer a quality programme that guarantees the highest safety standards. The aims of all the camps are based on:

  1. Team building, harnessing leadership skills and participation;
  2. Developing greater self-awareness, social awareness, and making responsible decision;
  3. Facing physical and mental challenges with an open mind;
  4. Developing various character traits in water safety;
  5. Developing a higher awareness level of Hong Kong’s environment;
  6. Experiential learning in a safe and fun environment.